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For Sleep

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Why Mighty Mint?

Millions of Americans report having trouble falling asleep. Many use prescription or over-the-counter medication to deal with insomnia, but most of these medicines come with warnings of various side effects. Fortunately, there is a new option – more and more people are reporting the effectiveness of Mighty Mint.

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How it Works

Your body has receptors that form part of the nervous system to maintain balance or homeostasis. Mighty Mint works with your nervous system to positively impact sleep-wake cycles with a calming effect on the central nervous system that helps relax the body to fall asleep.

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Transparent Natural Ingredients

At Mighty Mint, we want to earn your trust. Therefore, we openly and transparently share the full ingredient list for our product, with the exact quantities used, and the source for each component. It’s a unique approach, and we think you’ll like what you find.

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